Cash is disappearing

Cash has been losing favour as a payment method for decades and the restaurant industry has slowly been transformed by this changing reality. Debit and Credit was used 85% of the time to pay restaurant bills in 2019. The pandemic has accelerated this evolution and virtually eliminated cash overnight.

Restaurants have been forced into acting as a bank for their employees. Most operations now find themselves routinely going to the bank to take out thousands in cash to distribute tip-out to their staff. Is this you?

BlackFox & Tipstoday to the rescue!

BlackFox will manage your cash-outs and tips like always, but now you have the option to issue tips to staff using Tipstoday. Staff are issued a card and you load it up with money directly from BlackFox. Staff use it just like a bank card and the only costs to staff or the restaurant is the initial purchase of the card. 

Modern problems require modern solutions. We're excited about the new Tipstoday integration and think it will make your day just a little bit easier.

Jul 08