Saves Time

BlackFox is an application developed exclusively for restaurant and bar managers and servers, for both independent and chain operations. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to a seamless and accurate Cash-Out process that only takes minutes.

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Increases Accuracy

BlackFox streamlines your daily Cash-Out process simply and precisely. It provides managers with accurate reporting and reduced errors. Best of all? It takes less than 2 minutes for staff to Cash-Out via our user-friendly smartphone app.

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Simplifies Things

BlackFox makes everyone’s day easier. Servers cash-out in less time with fewer mistakes, managers reconcile sales and manage tip-outs in 15 minutes a day, bookkeepers receive timely, accurate, balanced reports automatically, and the whole team is in the loop throughout. It’s that simple.

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Makes Tips Fair

Staff often question the fairness of tip compensation. BlackFox takes the guesswork out by calculating tip-outs, tracking contributions and managing distribution. Everything becomes fair, precise and transparent. Informed staff are happy staff. And that’s good for business.

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Tasks Eliminated by BlackFox

A magnifying glass

Tracking and
collecting shortages

Two word bubbles

Communicating with staff
regarding cash out errors

Calculator buttons

Calculating and
managing tip outs

A folded page with a dollar sign on it

Tracking due backs
(cash owing to staff)

A bar graph, increasing

Reporting to

This Month at BlackFox

$ 0

Sales reported to Bookkeeping

$ 0

Tips managed


Staff Cash-Outs


Awkward Conversations

About BlackFox

BlackFox was developed by Dirk Britton of DarkBlack Systems. Dirk is a veteran of the Canadian restaurant industry who also happens to be an engineer. He combined his areas of expertise to solve one of the industry-related problems he had experienced firsthand – the time consuming and frequently inaccurate Cash-Out process. Enter BlackFox, an application that changes the game.

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