If you have a business that deals in cash, like a restaurant, part of managing the day’s sales is counting change. At restaurants and bars all the front of house staff collect change throughout their shift, and wow do they love to dump that change into their nightly cash-outs! Most restaurants establish rules to prevent staff dumping change in their cash-outs because they don’t want a pocket full of change, and managers don’t want a bunch of cash-out bags full of it - change is a pain.

I swore to do away with change in my restaurants. It’s one of the clever things I designed into BlackFox; all cash exchanges are done in even dollars, no one using the system ever has to count nickels and dimes. BlackFox treats employees like friends we will see tomorrow. You owe us $10.45? That’s cool, give us the $10 and we’ll deal with the $0.45 next shift. So much easier for everyone.

It’s a small thing, but small annoyances and little inconveniences add up quickly when it’s a task you have to do every single day. BlackFox eliminates the need for staff to drop change in their cash-outs, which means the manager saves a few minutes by not counting and organizing a dozen bags full of change in the morning, and your bookkeeper doesn’t have to deal with daily reports that are out of balance because of mistakes made counting literal pennies. Grease the machinery used by minimum wage staff to perform their daily duties and the engine of the entire organization runs more efficiently.

Jun 05